Private Clients

Beglaubigung von Dokumenten mit Apostille oder Legalisation in der Schweiz

Manuel Bader  •   Natalia Surkova   •   February 2024

BAG: Von Hadi - Eigenes Werk, CC0,

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

VITH: Behördenpraxis

Dr. Oliver Kaufmann  •   Matthias Stauffacher  •   Dr. Christoph Willi, LL.M.  •   June 2020

Fotosession mit Aline Widmer


Making-of Neuer Auftritt Streichenberg

Melanie Käser  •   Manuel Bader  •   Dr. Oliver Kaufmann  •   Remo Busslinger  •   January 2021

Christoph Wildhaber

Distribution law

Stillstand bedeutet Rückschritt

Dr. Christoph Wildhaber  •   September 2019

Bundesgerichtsurteil Justizöffentlichkeit

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

Streichenberg vs. Amtsgeheimnis

Matthias Stauffacher  •   Dr. Christoph Willi, LL.M.  •   May 2022

Arbeit am Computer

IT legislation and data protection

Digital Transformation in Switzerland 2021

Angelica Dünner-Graf  •   Melanie Käser  •   Matthias Stauffacher  •   January 2022


Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

Medical devices: New challenges

Matthias Stauffacher  •   Dr. Christoph Willi, LL.M.  •   March 2021

Besprechung zwischen Anwälten mit Tablet

Distribution law

Streichenberg unterstützt Valora in der Übernahme von 39 Tankstellenshops von Moveri

Melanie Käser  •   Dr. Oliver Kaufmann  •   Dr. Christoph Wildhaber  •   September 2021

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Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

Zusammenarbeit mit Ärztinnen und Ärzten: Entschädigung für Zusatz- und Mehrleistungen

Matthias Stauffacher  •   Dr. Christoph Willi, LL.M.  •   September 2020

Flaggen Schweiz und EU

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

Drohendes Scheitern des institutionellen Rahmenvertrages: Auswirkungen für das schweizerische Gesundheitswesen

Matthias Stauffacher  •   Dr. Christoph Willi, LL.M.  •   March 2021

MiGeL Weitergabepflicht bei Rabatten

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

Weitergabepflicht bei MiGeL: Wann liegt ein weitergabepflichtiger Rabatt vor?

Matthias Stauffacher  •   Dr. Christoph Willi, LL.M.  •   December 2021


Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) - Stakeholderkonsultation: Wie ist vorzugehen?

Matthias Stauffacher  •   Dr. Christoph Willi, LL.M.  •   October 2020

Spitex Organisation Voraussetzungen

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

Was braucht es, um eine Spitex-Organisation in mehreren Kantonen aufzubauen?

Matthias Stauffacher  •   Dr. Christoph Willi, LL.M.  •   October 2020


Private Clients

Soll ich meine eingetragene Partnerschaft in eine Ehe umwandeln?

Andrea Waditschatka  •   January 2022


Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

Medizinprodukte: Sind Gratiszugaben verboten?

Matthias Stauffacher  •   Dr. Christoph Willi, LL.M.  •   February 2020


Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

Integrität und Transparenz

Matthias Stauffacher  •   Dr. Christoph Willi, LL.M.  •   May 2022

Arbeit am Computer

IT legislation and data protection

Walking you through the digital transformation

The digital revolution has brought numerous new developments to the world of work, from promising business ideas to alternative forms of work through to innovative services. Yet these changes call for competence in dealing with the challenges that have arisen as a result.

Focus Areas

At Streichenberg, we are more than familiar with the concepts of the cloud, big data, agile development, IoT, AI, robotics, Industry X.0, data protection, cyber security and XaaS. They are the foundations that will enable us to guide you and your company into the future. Your challenges at the interface of digitisation, technology and law are our strengths.

Business idea: hand in hand with the legal strategy

What if you have a convincing business idea, but you see the legal issues and requirements as a hurdle? With our support, the law will become the way to your goal rather than an obstacle. We are certain that it is easier to implement a project and company strategy that has been designed with the law in mind, e.g. with good contracts. These are the first steps in the development of a stable and satisfying business relationship between customer and provider. The interests and concerns of both parties have to be addressed and reflected in the contract in clear, simple and understandable language. This is our core competence. But we will also be by your side if difficulties arise during the course of the project, such as due to cost overruns, delays, ambiguities, defects or change requests. We will always align our advice with your business model.

Digitisation: solutions for tomorrow already today

Are you planning to digitise your operations and to expand your online business? Depending on the industry, there are various regulatory requirements that you must bear in mind. Although the legislation is not as agile as technical and digital developments, we will work with you to find solutions that are sustainable and will correlate with the legal requirements for the long term.

Do you already OUTSOURCE or are you still working in TEAMS?

From collaboration with subcontractors to project teaming and through to IT or business process outsourcing in the regulatory domain (e.g. R&D or pharmaceuticals), different outsourcing projects present various challenges. We have the insight to guide you towards your target. Our long-standing experience with international transactions in this area helps us to identify and understand the mutual interests of customer and provider, and therefore to structure and negotiate the deal accordingly.

Are you still developing or are you already offering XaaS?

The basis for a digital transformation is also sharing IT infrastructure with others or using software as a service and thereby being able to scale it quickly according to requirements. This allows existing resources to be focused on the core business, but it does also raise questions, such as: What needs to be considered? Does it matter where my data is located geographically? And who ultimately owns the newly developed software? We will also advise you on which legal aspects must be taken into account for waterfall, agile development or DevOps, and if you want to set out such methods contractually, we have the answers and solutions.

Data:  the currency of the future

These days, data is often referred to as the currency of the future. For you, too, your data has a value that should not be underestimated. So, it is important to secure this asset contractually, conceptually and technically. Data protection and data security are not only part of compliance, but also part of value creation. You also need to take a holistic view of which cloud solutions are used within the company and which data is stored where. What was once “nice to know” is these days a responsibility of the executive management – with regard to the GDPR and the Data Protection Act as well. We will help you to implement a data management policy and to generate the necessary awareness among employees, customers and suppliers. We will also guide you pragmatically and in a solution-oriented manner on your path to compliance, with tools, contract texts, analyses and implementation recommendations.