Cvijeta Teodorovic

Cvijeta Teodorovic

Career at Streichenberg

Streichenberg offers trainees twelve months of practical preparation for the bar exam. While university courses impart the necessary theoretical knowledge in isolation, the job of an attorney-at-law requires the ability to interlink different fields of law as well as an in-depth understanding of the legal context.

What jobs can you do as a trainee, and what do you learn from them?

From day one trainees are introduced to the work of an attorney-at-law and are allowed to work on cases independently. Every job is very practical and involves not only legal research and writing legal documents, but also taking part in negotiations. From the outset, trainees are expected to assume responsibility, contribute ideas and devise possible solutions for clients. This means a steep learning curve, although there is always someone on hand if support is needed.        

What is the most exciting thing that you've done in the legal field so far? (work, case, work environment, etc.)

I have already been able to take on many exciting tasks. Prior to my traineeship with Streichenberg I worked in the legal department of a multinational company in the construction industry where my main duties included providing corporate legal support for the group. For example, with company start-ups or corporate governance projects, and also in handling supply contracts in German and English. I am now able to leverage this experience at Streichenberg.  

What is important to you for your career?

I am always looking for a challenge and am keen to develop and learn new things. What I consider just as important is a work environment that challenges and encourages me and where I can thrive as a person. I have found this at Streichenberg.   

What expects substitutes at Streichenberg?

For this reason, trainees at Streichenberg are not assigned to just one partner; instead, they can get involved in all areas and are actively encouraged and guided. This gives them a broad insight into the different fields and activities. They have contact with clients and authorities, learn what is needed for a court brief, and how to compose a successful legal document. This requires a desire to learn, flexibility, and absolute reliability..