Yvan Morf

Yvan Morf

Career at Streichenberg

Streichenberg offers trainees twelve months of practical preparation for the bar exam. While university courses impart the necessary theoretical knowledge in isolation, the job of an attorney-at-law requires the ability to interlink different fields of law as well as an in-depth understanding of the legal context.

What is the most exciting legal work you have done so far?

My start as a trainee with Streichenberg coincided with the coronavirus lockdown. As the legal regulations were constantly changing, we were faced with numerous questions that had not yet been clarified judicially.  This made the start of my career a truly interesting one.

In my personal life I am an enthusiastic cyclist. Every year, friends and I organise a bicycle race in Zürich and part of my role is to manage all the legal aspects of the event.

Why do you want to become an attorney-at-law?

Law is a structure which enables everyone to pursue their activities in a regulated framework. As I learn more, I realise that it's not enough just to understand the legal framework, but I need to grasp the underlying concept behind it.

What is your motto?

I agree with Albert Einstein: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

What expects substitutes at Streichenberg?

For this reason, trainees at Streichenberg are not assigned to just one partner; instead, they can get involved in all areas and are actively encouraged and guided. This gives them a broad insight into the different fields and activities. They have contact with clients and authorities, learn what is needed for a court brief, and how to compose a successful legal document. This requires a desire to learn, flexibility, and absolute reliability.