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Tax Law

Tax Mosaic: Personalized Consulting for Unique Solutions

Taxes accompany us throughout our lives, both in business and personal spheres. Each transaction involves tax elements that, if neglected, can become a significant cost factor. With competent support and consulting, you will not fall into any tax traps.

Focus Areas

The areas of tax law are as multifaceted as life itself. Given this diversity, we offer our clients comprehensive and personalized consulting aimed at managing their tax challenges and seizing opportunities. Our experienced team is at your side for all tax matters, from planning and optimization to dispute representation and developing long-term strategies for your financial future.

Tax Planning and Optimization

Our tailored consulting on tax planning and optimization is aimed at individuals and businesses and focuses on minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing tax opportunities. We develop individual strategies tailored to the specific needs of our clients and support them in achieving their financial goals while minimizing tax risks.

Corporate Taxation

In corporate taxation, we adopt a holistic approach that includes designing business structures, planning business transactions, and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. Our experienced team supports companies in making the right tax decisions to enhance their competitiveness and ensure legal compliance.

International Tax Issues

Consulting on international tax issues involves a thorough analysis of the taxation of income and assets from abroad, the application of double taxation agreements, and tax planning for international transactions. We provide our clients with sound and practical solutions to manage complex tax requirements in an international context and minimize tax risks.

Tax Disputes and Appeals

Our services in tax disputes and appeals include effective representation of our clients in tax disputes with tax authorities and the filing of objections against tax assessments. We passionately advocate for our clients' interests and fight for a fair and successful resolution of their tax disputes.

Real Estate Taxation

In advising on real estate taxation, our focus is on optimizing the tax aspects of property ownership and transactions. We assist our clients in understanding and optimizing tax aspects such as the taxation of rental income, capital gains on property, and inheritances to improve their financial situation and ensure legal compliance.

Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer

Our consulting on estate planning and wealth transfer focuses on developing individual solutions for tax optimization of estate structures, inheritance and gift taxes, and asset transfers. We support our clients in effectively protecting and transferring their assets by developing tailored strategies that meet their long-term goals and needs.