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SME Desk

Uncomplicated point of contact

Companies face a variety of legal challenges every day. These call for specific expertise and a professional overview, but also collaboration built on trust.

Focus Areas

Where is the easiest place for companies, board members or managing directors to turn to when dealing with legal uncertainties or problems? A wide range of topics, from company start-ups to process optimisations and disputes through to succession or liquidation, call for very different legal expertise. With our SME legal department, Streichenberg offers a single point of contact for numerous problems.

From idea to functioning business model

With the planning and realisation of new business ideas, but also with the optimisation or restructuring of an existing business, it is important to keep legal aspects in mind. That is why we not only draw up suitable contracts with employees, suppliers, investors, shareholders and landlords, but also offer comprehensive advice. Our goal is to identify risks early and to enable you to deal with them optimally.

Growth and change

How can an expansion be financed, and how can you protect yourself as an investor? Streichenberg will support you with questions relating to such matters as loans, leasing, economic development, tax relief, crowdfunding and bonds. We will guide you safely to your goal with legally compliant and comprehensible contracts. If you are buying or selling a company, our well-established M&A team will also be on hand with proven transaction experience.

On track with company succession

A change of owner is a critical moment in a company’s history. Company transfers and acquisitions should therefore be planned well and with foresight. Regardless of whether it is the management, your own children or a third party taking over, together we will find the right way to lead your company into a successful future.

Resolving problems and conflict

Damages, conflict and annoyance require a different approach, depending on the situation. Problems can often be avoided from the outset with the right strategy and good contractual arrangements. If arguments do arise, reaching an agreement through mediation or an alternative dispute settlement approach can significantly reduce the legal costs. With disputes, we are accustomed to achieving out-of-court resolutions, though we will also represent your company in court. In any case, Streichenberg will help you to assert your claims or to mount a defence against claims from third parties.

Compliance and risk management as an asset

In a wide range of industries, companies are operating in an increasingly heavily regulated environment. A licence or at least self-regulation is often required, with corresponding processes and documentation. For SMEs too, it is becoming more and more important to identify, assess and manage risks as well as to ensure compliance with all applicable rules by an appropriate organisation. We will advise you on the preparation of the necessary policies and support you during implementation. This will secure and increase the value of your company, in the short and long term.