Competition and Regulatory

Skilfully circumnavigating the hidden depths of regulation

Free competition is not a free pass. Anyone who wants to collaborate profitably with competitive rivals or to make the most of their market power must understand the rules of antitrust and competition law and be familiar with industry-specific regulations. This turns compliance into a competitive advantage.

Focus Areas

Only those with in-depth industry knowledge can fully exploit the scope available in competition and avoid regulatory pitfalls. Streichenberg’s specialists will give you a decisive edge with their in-depth knowledge, especially in the catering and hotel industries, retail trade (food and non-food), asset management, and in pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

Agreements: achieving success through restraints on competition

Having product range requirements and focusing sales activities on certain groups of customers or certain areas are the key to successful distribution. However, this restricts the distribution partner’s ability to compete freely. We will help you to manage your distribution activities in compliance with competition legislation and will design contracts for your distribution system that will be accepted by the authorities. And we will guide you in your collaboration plans, such as the exchange of market information or joint ventures with competitors.

Market power: With dominance comes responsibility

Whether gained organically or through a merger, a strong market position is the goal of entrepreneurial activity. However, if market power leads to market dominance, conflicts with antitrust law may result. With our support, you will behave in accordance with antitrust legislation despite your market dominance: we will draw up rebate systems and compliance programmes as well as contracts with dependent companies, and we will advise you on your dealings with suppliers, customers and competitors.

Fair trading legislation: Fairness in dealing with competitors and consumers

Fairness towards other players is required in competition, just as in sport. Competitors must not be disparaged, and consumers have the right to honest and transparent information about products and services. With our help, you will bring your General Terms and Conditions and your advertising measures into line with the requirements of fair-trading and advertising legislation, including the relevant provisions of the Price Disclosure Ordinance (Preis­bekanntgabeverordnung, PBV).

Internal market and public procurement: a level playing field for all

Free movement of products and services is not a matter of course. In many areas the cantons decide whether products and services have access to the market and check compliance with the regulatory requirements. We will assist you if the cantons do not apply the same standards and favour suppliers within their own canton. To this end, we will guide you in your public procurement activities and will ensure that the procurement procedures take place in a fair, competitive and faithful manner.

Regulated markets: products and services with special rules

Food and cosmetics, hemp products and CBD, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, pharmacies and medical practices, nursing homes, "Spitex" home care, insurance and financial services – all are subject to increasing levels of regulation. What specific rules apply to your products? What future changes will open up new opportunities? We will assist you with the launch of regulated products as well as the adjustment of your products or business model to new regulatory conditions. We also have experience with the procedures and  investigations of regulatory authorities.