Claims Management

Mastering complex insurance matters firmly and efficiently

Loss events often trigger complex issues with diverse interests. It often happens that insurers and the insured person are pulling in the same direction. Streichenberg supports insurers and policyholders in effectively asserting their common interests.

Focus Areas

The insurance policy as well as the insurance terms and conditions typically determine whether and to what extent a loss event is insured.

Coverage assessment

We investigate the circumstances, supervise the necessary instructions to surveyors and prepare objective coverage assessments. Our mission is to work efficiently towards the proper regulation of claims made under the policy. In the event of a dispute, we advise and represent insurance undertakings before state courts and arbitral tribunals.

Defending insured claims

When insured persons are facing liability claims, we support them in their defence against the claim. Our Dispute Resolution team has accumulated experience from countless court cases and we represent our clients efficiently and reliably..

Direct claim against the insurance undertaking

Ever since the implementation of a direct claim against the liability insurer under Swiss law, we have been supporting insurance undertakings when claimants make their claims. In international circumstances, we have access to a global network of independent experts and can provide our services from one source.

Recourse actions

We analyse the factual circumstances and legal positions, advise on the prospects and ultimately take recourse against the responsible parties. If our clients seek recourse  against entities abroad, we rely on our proven international network.

Support for Insurers

Extensive claims handling operations, flood of claim notifications, personnel changes, outflow of expertise. From time to time insurance undertakings face unexpected challenges in their claims departments. The Streichenberg team can help quickly and efficiently to overcome these challenges, e.g. by filling gaps and providing capacity.

International Network

Our firm maintains a wide network of national and international partners with expertise in the insurance industry to complement our service offering.

As a member of Insulaw, an international network of independent law firms with insurance experts, we also provide our clients comprehensive services in international matters from one source.