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Industry knowledge meets legal expertise

Streichenberg advises and represents companies and their owners in all areas of commercial law. As your external legal provider, we take comprehensive care of your company's legal needs and develop tailor-made solutions for specific issues. Successful advice requires both impeccable legal tradecraft and profound industry knowledge. Our lawyers therefore focus on different industries as well as specific areas of law and, as a result, are highly specialised.

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

The health sector is facing increasingly complex legal and regulatory challenges. Any companies involved in life sciences and healthcare that want to build on their success need comprehensive support.

SME Desk

Companies face a variety of legal challenges every day. These call for specific expertise and a professional overview, but also collaboration built on trust.

Competition and Regulatory

Anyone who wants to cooperate profitably with competitors or make the most of their market power must understand the rules of antitrust and competition law and be familiar with industry-specific regulation. This is how compliance becomes a competitive advantage.

Criminal law

Criminal cases have serious consequences for the parties concerned. Both the victim and the accused can suffer not only financial losses and severe penalties but also painful reputational damage. Competent support can mitigate this impact on a person’s good name.

Dispute resolution and litigation

Conflicts are part of business life. Conditions in business and competition can often be challenging, so occasionally disputes with business partners, customers or competitors cannot be avoided. Even, for example, something as simple as a dispute with a neighbour over the pruning of a fruit tree in the garden can need mediation. Prudent and comprehensive advice is crucial right from the start.

IT legislation and data protection

The digital revolution has brought numerous new developments to the world of work, from promising business ideas to alternative forms of work through to innovative services. Yet these changes call for competence in dealing with the challenges that have arisen as a result.

Distribution law

Distribution law requires not only outstanding professional expertise but also an in-depth understanding of relevant business issues. Streichenberg is aware of the challenges that arise where the law and business intersect, and offers tailor-made support.

Private Clients

If you want to focus on the important things in life, you need the right specialists who are always on hand with help and advice and who are already thinking about tomorrow, today. A responsible task, especially in the legal field.